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The film was directed by David Fincher, and stars Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter.Norton plays the unnamed protagonist, referred to as the narrator, who is discontented with his white-collar job.Askew allegedly hit an officer in the face and fled on foot, but was caught after a short distance.The 14-year-old girl was booked into the Mc Cracken County Juvenile Detention Center, charged with third-degree assault, resisting arrest, menacing, third-degree criminal mischief, terroristic threatening and disorderly conduct.He forms a "fight club" with soap maker Tyler Durden, played by Pitt, and they are joined by men who also want to fight recreationally.The narrator becomes embroiled in a relationship with Durden and a dissolute woman, Marla Singer, played by Bonham Carter.When detained by police, a 14-year-old girl reportedly began kicking as she was led to a police cruiser.

But you may be able to help the victims, the next time you stay in a hotel room, just by snapping a few pictures.“Without a doubt the most horrific thing I've gone through in my entire life,” says survivor Niki Cross.

PADUCAH, KY - One adult and two teenagers were charged Sunday afternoon after a street fight in downtown Paducah.

According to the Paducah Police Department, an officer responded to a call of two girls fighting near the intersection of Bronson Street and Walter Jetton Boulevard.

"She was real nice," said Shane Gallagher, a member of the wrestling team. "Others noted a sad irony: the school has an anti-bullying campaign that kicks off every spring."The anti-bullying thing that schools put on, they don't really listen to 'em," said 9th grade student Julia Scott.

"She treated us like family and we treated her like family, and it hurts our hearts we can't ever see her anymore."Several leaders decried the scourge of violence plaguing some communities."That little girl got beat up inside of a bathroom," said activist Malcom Coley. "It honestly has to take something tragic like this to happen for them to actually open up their eyes.""We need to get prayer back in our schools, we need to cover our babies by any means necessary, we're losing too many," said the Rev. Two girls and several witnesses were being interviewed Thursday at the Wilmington Police Department.

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