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At Çatalhöyük, loose crania and other skeletal elements are often encountered within the grave fill of primary burials, although in some cases they represent the disturbance of earlier burials in the same location.

The inds from Mellaart’s excavations will be reviewed before introducing those resulting from recent excavations.The archaeological site made up of the two mounds is still no more than 5 percent exposed.Until the digs began, an old footpath made a fork at the mounds, and so the larger one became known locally as Çatalhöyük (pronounced approximately cha-tal-HU-yuk), which means “fork mound.” The archaeological site has adopted that name.cranium and mandible), or simply the cranium (without the mandible) – is a common feature of Near Eastern Neolithic mortuary practices.In some cases, the facial features were modelled in plaster or mud, and bivalve or cowrie shells were set into the eye sockets to provide a life-like appearance.

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