Dating a recovering alcoholic problems easy to sign up dating site

Alcoholics and drug addicts who are abstinent from drug and alcohol use have most often “worked a program” in which they became aware of their own fears and insecurities.

They have probably learned how to be less self-conscious and more authentic in their every day dealings with people.

Bryan is a recovered insurance agent from Houston who, at 42, is 10 years sober and recently married to a woman he met in AA.

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And second, it’s much easier to date someone who speaks the same language.” Bryan thinks about it for a second before adding, “Some will say it’s two mentally ill people going out with each other, but I think many of us that are sober can work through our disease in order to have a healthy relationship.” According to Melody Anderson, a family and addiction expert in Los Angeles, if both parties are working a solid program of recovery, they can have even better chances than non-alcoholics of a successful partnership.

“All relationships are difficult—that’s just a fact,” she says.

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But they may not be able to carry those skills over to the more threatening and less familiar area of dating and intimacy.

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