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Audio files of oral histories provided by quiltmakers are also featured here, offering a richer understanding of the utility and symbolism of quilts throughout the state’s past.This unit of the Tennessee Virtual Archive celebrates this most “everyday” of Tennessee creations: the homemade quilt.The majority of these fabrics date to the 1890s and 19-oughts, and with some maybe from the 1880s.Hallmarks of this era are two color prints and prints with less fine detailing than those from earlier in the 1800s.I wish I'd taken an overall picture of the back, which is gorgeous all on its own.It has long, narrow strips of the paisley, with wider strips of print and ticking stripes in between. And the pink quilt, with examples of double-pink fabrics.I think this quilt was made in or around the first decade of the 1900s.Like any scrap bag quilt, there are several decades of fabrics represented.

Just when you thought I had more than enough quilt tops I got another.I have chosen books that are in the areas I’m more familiar with, so I have not included any books on knitting, crocheting, embroidery, basketry, lace-making, and other areas of expertise.And for more books about textile techniques or history, click on “book reviews” in my category cloud in the sidebar.Traditionally, society entrusted the care and keeping of the domestic realm to women.Housework, child-rearing, cooking, and tending the sick each necessitated the implementation—and often the creation—of certain tools to achieve these duties.

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