Dating in recession

When I was 31 I moved to New York City to be a painter. Offhand I can think of construction (including pipefitters, electricians, etc.), drafters (although you'll be beaten out with people with degrees or experience, generally), and some kind of skilled repairer (which you need training for). But folks can be happy without gobs of it.(unless they yearn for gobs of it.) and you can certainly date without a ton of it as well.Had a couple of one man shows in the east village and worked for k a year stacking postcards at the Whitney Museum. And, of course, specialized office jobs that you kind of have to luck into with timing. You get paid to watch football and travel across the country. The reason people crave lots of money is it does make things easier.I warned you of my impending lameness at last week's dating auction.Upon arriving, I noticed Burberry (yes, I'll spell it correctly this time around) Scarf girl looking radiant and confident as ever.

Because a recession influences the economy broadly and is not confined to one sector, the committee emphasizes economy-wide measures of economic activity.

I told her: "I'll just ask you out for free." Besides, that's more I could spend on the actual date. But it got me thinking: Could I — financially blasé as I am — actually be feeling the effects of the recession?

To eliminate the excuse that being with a girl is too expensive, and to make do during trying financial times, I put together some recession dating ideas: Cooking is one of my money-saving strategies in NYC.

Recession Dating: NBER recession-dating panel member Jeffrey Frankel offers a little more background on the decision to delay the recession’s end date.

“Q: But there is a glaring difference between your views, particularly as expressed in your blogpost of April 5, which was widely reported, and the Committee’s public statement that it was too soon to call an end to the recession.

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