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But it’s really important we learn how to talk about it – in ways that actually help people going through it (which is far more difficult than you may think). Because: In short, you probably know more people experiencing domestic violence than you think.So if you see red flags, what can you do to help someone?Supporting a friend through an abusive relationship is hard.Often your friend won’t recognize their partner as abusive, at least initially.

Here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of signs that your friend’s relationship may be abusive: Here are some other common signs of an abusive dating relationship.

Even if/when they do, they will likely struggle to leave the relationship or may decide that leaving isn’t the safest or best option for them. It’s scary to watch someone you love be mistreated, and the best ways to support them may be counterintuitive to you.

Below we’ve compiled some common questions, with responses from both survivors and friends of survivors. It can be hard to figure out if your friend’s relationship is abusive.

And know that it can take seven to nine tries before a woman leaves an abusive partner for good, says Diane Lass, Ph.

D., who treats domestic violence victims.__If you feel she's in immediate danger:__If he's physically hurt her or threatened to kill her, experts urge you to call the police—yes, even if she objects.

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