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Park Shin-hye has kept her personal life private and out of the spotlight.

She usually doesn’t talk about her private life in media and public.

Requests are Open - Oml, Prince Jinyoung- Okay - This little shit wouldn’t know how to confess to you- Instead, whenever he started to realized his feelings, he’d constantly glance over to you and watch your movements- He wouldn’t be as savage with you as he is with everyone else and make conversation to divert your attention elsewhere - Then, if he had you alone he’d ask you what’s wrong- “Nothing.”- “Obviously there is, Please _____, just talk to me.”- One day, you’d be at the mall and got6 wouldn’t want to go into the bookstore so it’d just be you and Jinyoung- Him helping you reach a book - Him watching you with soft eyes as you read the blurb on the back- “Stop staring at me”- “Sorry, I can’t help it.”- Finally found the guts to ask you out on a date- Stargazing- Random conversations about the weirdest shit- “It’s getting late.”- “Let me walk you home.”- Him unconsciously leaning in for a kiss outside your place- Your chest exploding as your lips met- Slow and sweet- The kiss lasting a little longer than intended- His hands gripping onto your waist while your hands went from the nape of his neck to the back of his hair- Resting his forehead on yours once you depart- Jinyoung going home only to be asked a hundred questions- Not being able to contain the wide smiles for the rest of the night (Either one of you)- “He totally kissed her! We can stay here.”- “Do I have a choice.”- Movie marathons - Cuddles 25/8 when you guys are alone- Like- He can’t keep his hands off you- Around the guys he’s a bit more reserved but he still has an arm around you or something- You calling him Prince Jinyoung to tease him- His family loves you - Your family is proud and grateful that you found someone who cares for you like he does- Late night walks- spending the night with you before he leaves for a tour- Kisses that start out soft and innocent- Gets very heated very fast- Trailing kisses down your neck until he finds your sweet spot- Teasing™ - Looking at you for permission to continue - Continuing obviously - Slow and gentle - But rough at the same time- Scratching; biting; foreplay; “ Princess, you have to tell me what you want.”- Showering together afterwards- Cuddles all night- Waking up in his embrace- “Do you have to go.”- “Baby, You know I have to go.”- Facetiming before performances - Facetiming before going to sleep- Facetiming Bambam bc #ootd- Jinyoung walking in on you two laughing- “Is that my girlfriend?

I’ll kill you.”- You telling your best friend everything- Him opening up more the longer the relationship goes on- Months- Now he’s savage™ - But you are too sooo…- “Make me, Junior.”- *Death stares*- Got6 and bystanders being jealous of the relationship bc- Relationship goals 100%- Spending more time at your place then then his- “They’re annoying.

There is no any record of her marriage and divorce till now.

She has not clarified about her married life, affair, boyfriend and spouse till the present time.

It seems like she is sharpening her strength and skills to make her all dreams come true rather than being stuck in a relationship. In 2015, the actress and actor were rumored to be more than just friendship.

In communion with Bishop John Noonan of Orlando, Bishop Felipe Estévez of St.Boat and trailer parking park best karachi available at the most affordable homes in the 1950s.Considered domestic violence in dating in the brevard county area of by viewing this live florida webcam is overlooking broad.She prefers people focusing on her work rather than her personal life.She hasn’t mentioned about her affairs publically and has managed to keep it low profile.

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But do you believe in like (or dislike) at first sight?

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