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Microsoft Windows operating systems support a feature that dynamically updates the mappings of domain names to associated IP addresses assigned to hosts by DHCP servers.

This automatic updating, called Dynamic DNS Updates service, reduces the administrative overhead associated with manually administering DNS records of network hosts.

In order to do so, I need to be able to facilitate updating DNS records from clients that do and do not support dynamic DNS record registration.Only if you know with certainty that the updates get sent only to a local DNS server should you run the Dynamic DNS Updates service.Most home users who use DSL/Cable routers as DHCP/NAT servers to facilitate multiple host connections to the Internet should turn off dynamic DNS updates.Sorry, my Windows knowledge is very good, but unfortunately my Linux is somewhat limited.I know enough to get myself into trouble so if I need to edit files to hack it, then happy to do that. Atm, when I'm logged in via VPN I have to manually go in to the DHCP server and look at address leases, the use the IP address to connect to a machine rather than just using the machines name...

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