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Frank Mc Namara started a different kind of club in 1950: He invented the credit card. Without enough cardholders, merchants wouldn’t participate, and without enough merchants on board, customers wouldn’t bother to obtain a card.

A “member” of the Diners Club could charge meals at restaurants and pay the card company at the end of the month. Merchants were equivalent to the men in the dating club, and the cardholders were like the women, so Mr. American Express Company adopted this pricing model a few years later, and made a fortune. provides proprietary financial data via an electronic network.

Short of the budget for a glossy feature, he told that story in small-budget film that saw Furutachi play the outsider role.

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Described by Guyard as a hypnotic film in the spirit of Takeshi Kitano or James Gray, “Heart” will start lensing in February. “Harmonium,” Japanese director Koji Fukada’s sixth feature, tells the story of Toshio, the owner of a small workshop in a country village in Japan.

(See Exhibit 1.) Although the “platforms” that businesses create to serve multisided markets differ widely in technology and organizing institutions, all share three features: The fact that circumstances make it possible for a platform to exist does not mean that it will.

Reality TV shows have become common on Chinese television, but the sometimes racy and materialistic content has attracted the attention of China’s censors. Kessel and Edward Wong)Zhao Liang's films, which explore the relationship between the Chinese government and its citizens, have received critical acclaim abroad but are not screened in China. Kessel and Edward Wong)Even with a 0 million overhaul, the reopened National Museum of China exemplifies the Communist Party’s determination to suppress alternative points of view and control the narrative of history.

Paris-based MK2 has scooped international sales rights to Joan Chemla’s feature debut, “If You Saw His Heart,” with Gael Garcia Bernal and Marine Vacth, as well as Koji Fukada’s Japanese drama “Harmonium.” Based on Cuban novelist Guillermo Rosales’ “Boarding Home,” “Heart” is a film noir set in the Gypsy community in Marseille.

Rohmer’s films are not about how people succeed with hard work, like they do in .” Miwa Nishikawa, filmmaker who has made a career out of depicting the deceits of ordinary people The process is the key to Fukada’s films.

One of the most acclaimed films of 2016 (it was also named the top Japanese film in examines themes of family, guilt, revenge and repressed desire – per Freud and Jung, according to the director – with a calmness that only adds to its disconcerting quality.

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