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I'm tired of being told that violence, jealousy, fighting, and heartache are the hallmarks of a "passionate" relationship, while safety and trust are boring."I thought our love was epic," Logan said to Veronica toward the end of season two — a line that's repeated in the movie. Lives ruined, blood shed." The movie doesn't quote the exchange that followed: Veronica asking, "You really think a relationship should be that hard?

" and Logan responding, "They don't write songs about the ones that come easy." However, that could serve as the unofficial mantra for the romantic subplot in both the TV show and the film.

Though he’s best known as Veronica Mars’ Logan Echolls, Jason Dohring has been working in Hollywood for over 20 years, having popped up on Baywatch, Boston Public, and Party Down. AVC: I was thinking you’d say, “I’d tell a wife about her cheating spouse,” or that sort of thing. I think, in the field of diet and exercise and healthy eating habits, that’s just something I really want to help people with. AVC: People think you’re Dana Carvey, or they just say you look like a young Dana Carvey?

spoke to the stars and creator Rob Thomas at the New York City premiere to weigh in on where Veronica (Kristen Bell) ended up, who she ended up with and more. The boys brawl over Veronica's honor: For the men of Neptune, choosing a favorite scene was easy: the big fight at the reunion.

"It was the only scene I've ever worked with all these guys," Chris Lowell explains.

[It's] cool that Rob wrote that since he was going downhill for so long and then he sort of rights the ship, which leaves him [poised] again to go off the deep end, which is where I like to be, really," Jason Dohring says.

But hopefully Logan doesn't revert much to his old ways, because it seems the former playboy's new responsible attitude might finally win over Veronica's father.

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The idea of doing a “Veronica Mars” movie was teased and talked about for quite some time, but do you recall when you first heard the word “Kickstarter” being kicked around?

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