Pef and not mandating nursing overtimes

This exception applies to contractors of the employer that are providing services related to the activities in this paragraph.

It does not apply to other operations not involved in the work stated in this paragraph.

The employer can only mandate overtime as a last resort.

Shifts of more than 6 hours without a meal break should be avoided.As extreme as it may seem, an employer can require an employee to work 24 straight hours, or work 80 or more hours in a week.Moreover, if an employee refuses to work overtime, an employer can discipline that employee, up to and including termination.Also, in weeks when I do not work more than 40 hours, I do not get any overtime pay, even if my boss has forced me to work 16 hours in a shift.Am I entitled to overtime pay if I work more than eight hours in a day but less than 40 hours in a week?

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