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At this point she will set the victim up as her knight in shining armor, the only one who can help her.She might just need money to pay her bills but will probably want desperately to come and visit him in his Western nation.If you approach Russian dating using the wrong methods, you will also struggle to make it work.So, let's look at what you can do to avoid the bad stuff most others experience, and get straight to the good stuff...This article is for women who are dating Russian men.

Since 1996 Russian Bazaar has been the leading Russian newspaper for Russian-American residents living in New York (Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronks), New Jersey and 22 other states.You should greet a Russian man with a pleasant handshake and look him in the eyes to show that you are open and honest. If you're in Russia, this means dress smartly, and dress according to where you're going.It's a good idea to make sure you know where he's taking you, so you can plan what you're going to wear.The Russian ethnic market is especially lucrative for advertisers as vast majority of Russian-speakers settled in Tri-State area, which is the primary area of Russian Bazaar business operations. Census, Russian was the primary spoken language of 851,174 Americans at home.The Russian American population is reported to be 3.13 million. Recent census estimated that 200,000 New Yorkers over age 5 speak Russian.

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Russian Bazaar is a weekly Russian newspaper published every Thursday.

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