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In domestic intimate partner abuse cases, the best interests of each child are often served by keeping the child and the victimized partner safe and not allowing the abuser to continue the abuse. A finding by a child protection agency shall not be considered res judicata or collateral estoppel regarding an act of child abuse or neglect or a threat of such act, and shall not be considered by the court unless each parent is afforded the opportunity to challenge any such determination; (9) Economic abuse means causing or attempting to cause an individual to be financially dependent by maintaining total control over the individual's financial resources, including, but not limited to, withholding access to money or credit cards, forbidding attendance at school or employment, stealing from or defrauding of money or assets, exploiting the victim's resources for personal gain of the abuser, or withholding physical resources such as food, clothing, necessary medications, or shelter; (10) Emotional abuse means a pattern of acts, threats of acts, or coercive tactics, including, but not limited to, threatening or intimidating to gain compliance, destruction of the victim's personal property or threats to do so, violence to an animal or object in the presence of the victim as a way to instill fear, yelling, screaming, name-calling, shaming, mocking, or criticizing the victim, possessiveness, or isolation from friends and family.

For the 2017 Homebuyer Education class schedule and application packet, please click here. In order to be eligible first-time homebuyers must meet income guidelines and complete SENCA’s Homebuyer Education class. Pre-application eligibility also includes receiving pre-approval for a 1st mortgage and a determination of income eligibility for SENCA HOMES.

Instructors are also available to work one-on-one and help develop an action plan that determines the necessary steps to becoming a homeowner.

Registrations for face-to-face classes must be received at least one week in advance.

This registration consists of submitting a completed Homebuyer Education Application and a registration fee.

Online classes require a registration fee of (please contact Anita Kimpston at 402-862-2411 x 104 to receive code for coupon). Classes are available to everyone regardless of income and all participants are provided an opportunity to complete a screening for down payment assistance. SENCA HOMES provides financial assistance to eligible, first-time home buyers to purchase a home and make improvements which ensure the health and safety of the home purchased.

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