Updating dmi pool data

It could also mean, that your mainboard is having some trouble reading from the hard drive.

I had a similar problem when I had a USB stick attached and it wanted to boot/read from there first.

" a comment about what it just did, or something I should do?

(which it does) Never seen this before and it happens every single time the computer starts up. In addition the computer is quite unstable, but trying to run Windows 7 RC, so can't really be sure if it is the hardware, drivers or OS that is unstable.

Its main use is for corporations to manage and track PCs they have purchased.

The System Management BIOS (SMBIOS) is an extension of the Basic Input Output System (BIOS) that formulates and delivers this information to the operating system. In short, when the BIOS is "Verifying DMI pool data" it is verifying the table of data it sends to the operating system (Windows, etc.). I have tried to look around and figure out what this is but can't figure it out. It is a brand new Gigabyte motherboard with AMD 790X chipset and an AMD Phenom II processor. If you changed the hardware just before this problem occurred (e.g., installed a new hard disk drive), unchange it. If you installed a new hard disk drive, set the motherboard CMOS Setup to Auto for the drive type. (Rebooting will automatically disabled it after it has done its thing.) 4. Disconnect all drives not required to boot the computer.

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I've been having this problem since I moved in a few days ago. My Rig: Core i7 processor, 2.66 ghz EVGA x58 motherboardn Vidia GTX 260 video card1TB Western Digital hard drive250GB Western Digital hard drive750W Corsair power supply6GB DDR2 RAMWindows 7My Problem: The problem initially started with my stock heatsink breaking its motherboart anchors and tilting off the processor, causing the computer to shut down and become unresponsive.

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