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You will need to install the IVAO build of XSquawk Box from: use as the server connection. showforum=22 When you login to Team Speak at the server is: and the password field is left blank.

This will show your position on the Google Map interface. Before you can fly online you will need to open port number 6809 on both your computer and your router firewalls.

Previewed by: Chuck Boudreaux, AVSIM Managing Editor Matt Johnson, AVSIM Technology Specialist Dalibor Jovanovic, Contributing Reviewer Miro Majcen, AVSIM Managing Editor Mark Roberts, AVSIM Library Manager Rick Rossner, AVSIM Senior Library Manager The growing popularity of the various online ATC networks has surprised many over the past few years.

It all started out with Squawk Box — a simple pilot client that has integrated with Microsoft's Flight Simulators since version 6, and Pro Controller, a standalone controller client providing a radarscope and a method to talk to other controllers and pilots.

Pro Flight founder Caleb Taylor believes that there are better ways to train pilots and he isn’t afraid to try new techniques to help new and existing Citation Jet pilots learn how to fly safely. The problem with training in the airplane, of course, is that it is difficult to simulate failures.

We go into every aspect of flying this airplane.” Pro Flight is based in Carlsbad, Calif., near the city’s airport, and was founded in 1988 to provide flight training in Cessna Conquest turboprops.

Around a year ago, Mike Evans and David Hendleman took up this challenge, and began coding a replacement for the aging client.

Eventually, Pro Flight purchased a full-motion Conquest I/ simulator, which was far more effective.

Some airlines have age restrictions, entrance exams, and certain amount of flights you must complete per month.

At Buffalo the youngest you have to be is 16, unless you have written permission from a parent or guardian.

Bob Feaver provides the following information on how to fly online at You will need to register for an account. The reply will assign you a login number and a password.

It takes about a day for the account to become active.

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